What is wrong with today’s results and reporting process?

What are the challenges you face with your current reporting tools.

Manual, labor intensive reporting.

Need to know top level accuracy results or processor results? That’s going to require a skilled analyst to run, possibly manually modify, and email to you. Need this month’s top 10 provider error impact report, by specific sample type, that’s going to be at least a week.

It’s time to automate and simplify. With ClaimDashboard your accuracy and processor results are scheduled to run daily. Results are automatically updated in the dashboard and ready for drill down analysis. Accuracy results, error trends, claim processing details are all instantly at your fingertips.

Ridged, with little insight into data.

Chances are your reporting tool isn’t part of your audit application and was an off-the-shelf reporting platform that, at best is loosely connected to your data. Need another layer of detail? That’s a new custom report. Which adjudicators overpaid the most claims this month? Yup, that’s a new custom report.

With ClaimDashboard you get a reporting platform that was built for your needs, refined by your peers. We pull all the year-to-date error data, processor data, claim audit results, and claim attributes daily into a single reporting environment built to meet your reporting and analytics needs. Flexible, easy roll ups and quick drill downs.

No Executive Level Insight.

Sometimes the simplest questions can be the hardest to answer, especially when the data is in the weeds. Why can’t your executives simply login to a single portal and answer the questions they have? Why does it take days to pull together dashboards, decks and end of month or quarter reporting?

Our dashboards started by interviewing and understanding what several industry executives need to know each month. We listened. Now it’s time to get your team’s productivity back by simply giving your leadership login access to their ClaimDashboard portal.

Zero system compliance controls.

How do you know your accuracy results are being calculated correctly? Are stratified weights against the sample population correct? Do you have any manual hand offs in your results reporting process? How are you defending against a rogue manager changing their team’s accuracy to meet target?

Compliance and controls are the foundation of all of our software platforms. We’ve removed the human variables and automated all the data transfer, results and reporting while maintaining a system of controls. Each step of the way you have full access to all your source data for validation, external reporting, or investigations.


Up and Running in 30 days.